Let's talk about a serious issue rn

| It has recently come to my attention that the number of "ZANE" posts have drastically decreased in the past few months.

This is an unprecedented disaster of the likes that we have never seen before, a major failure on part of those who browse this site.

I am at a loss for words.

Putting my anger aside, we now need to find a solution to this issue. What do you propose we do to remedy this situation?

| What is ZANE?

| Remember that time John Hammond tried to resurrect dead memes and a lot of people died?

| hmm I don't know>>683362

| ZANE!?

| I love sex! I mean ZANE!?

| >>683361 it means "Insane" Post...

| We can tell ppl that zane is a tomboy

| >>683566

| There's a reason you don't see ZANE posts anymore and the reason is HIS NAME IS JOHN CENAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

| Paaan panan, paaaan

| Last thing I want is to summon a comet. Ar red one at that...
Well it'd become a meteor I guess...

| >>684540 smol zane?!

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