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| It's very secret. Let's talk about everything that's not really suited for other boards.

| Time flies too fast

| >>678675
It really does. And it gets faster the older you get, I'm not even old but I clearly notice how much faster time is moving and it's scary.

| Vsauce had a good video on the subject matter, I'll try to find it later. Long story short - say you've lived for a year. Then the next year of your life will contribute 50% of all your life. The year after that - only 33.3%. Numbers add up fast.
I've found it benefitial not to look at the dates as much as I can. Because then I don't even know that the week has passed.

| Agreed. Like... its crazay that we are already half way through July... Shit is crazy and this year is only getting crazier

| Time realitity really fascinating, you can have a person feeling like time is flying while you just want this year to go away

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This thread is permanently archived