Regarding Deep Web content

| I don't care if it's because it looks like spam or because you had a history with tor cp, but at least put it in the rules that such discussions should not take place here.

| +1. I don't think deep web topics should be blocked or deleted. If it's dark web related, sure, but .onions shouldn't be insta delete imo. That said, I can see why the janitors would do such a thing.

| What happened. I misssed it.

| >>672279

| >>672279 G/burg/rl makes thread about scouring Tor. Jannies close threads because they said it's code for cp.

| It appears that someone is spamming onions and tor/vpn adverts on /a/ now, so we're going to be deleting threads like that by default moving forward. Sorry everyone.

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