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Gawd that spam

| It's getting so annoying, there's so much atm

| Only in /a/ though but it's constant and kinda annoying

| Said this once and I will say it again. Split /a/ into /ad/ and /anus/.

Not going to solve the problem but at least we could ignore it until it becomes even worse of a problem!

| We could even make /ad/ a hidden board, like /staff/, but still being the default no board thread board.

"/Ad/ for Advertisements and Admins"

| >>634669
do you seriously expect anyone to listen?

| >>634688

| >>4c670f
I don't get it. Are you implying the spammers will only spam our dedicated spamming board and leave true /a/ alone?

| >>634707
Sort of, if you post from the home screen, you can select a board.

If you don't choose one it defaults to /a/ because it's ordered alphabetically, having it default to a throwaway board would literally kill 90% of the spam because the spammers aren't choosing a board.

It's probably a bot or something, so it could possibly work

| >>634707 spammers don't choose a board. Their bot just posts in the first link that lets them, which would be /a/. If we made /ad/ and /an/, /ad/ would be the first postable board, so boys would post there, and leave us alone.

| also if you don't want to change /a/'s name the ad board could be /!/

| >>634846
It sounds like a hacky solution but I see your point. Stuff posted in /!/ Should be automatically deleted or scrubbed of links/content so new users won't wander in and click on all our cool links in our link board.

That is of course if these bots are crawlers and isn't targeting this site specifically(which doesn't seem to be the case atm).

| >>635224
It's definitely a hacky solution, but it could work.

I have seen spam link in other threads but very rarely.

It'll probably work temporarily, until the spammer figures out what's happening and redirects his bots.

| >>635224 what? But clicking on the links is half the fun!

| I think there's spam in /n/

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