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Silly question to the mods

| What would happen if you were to move this thread to /burg/?

| Same goes the other way around. A burg thread being moved out of /burg/?

| Oh, a last one. Could you add a time limited third burg only for April Fools, but keep it in the burg counter?

Totally not trying to destroy balance in /burg/ by making it no longer possible to have the same amount of burgs in all sides.

| That white ID is throwing me off so much man

| Not a mod, but going off memory from playing with the API:
-if this thread was moved to /burg/, the thread title displayed on the thread list would be "burg", but the title returned by the API (and maybe the tab title when you open the thread) would be "Silly question to the mods". Each post would display as an angry burg (although I'm not sure whether the counter on the front page would see them that way)

| This one is based on a lot of assumptions from how the API returns things, but
-a burg thread moved from /burg/ would presumably still have the title "burg" (assuming it was made via the site) and every burg post would probably just be the word "burg". Every angry burg post made via the site (or by people who respect the sanctity of /burg/) should just show up as "angry burg", but any non-burgs from the API or post-move should just be their original text

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This thread is permanently archived