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Dashchan Extension needs an update

| The extension assumes that there's no captcha when posting and when you try to post something, it reports a error.

>inb4 "nobody uses dashchan anymore"

| this but unironically

| wheres lain when i need her

>nudes rou scots


| im going to do the rape on you

| F for dashchan.

| Literally who? Dashchan?

| >>601553 Even if you're joking, I'll just explain it.

Dashchan is a imageboard app for Android which has a extension system which allows us to make it support a fuckton of websites including this one, it's however not being maintained for years although there are some forks that tries to revive it.

The danger/burg/ extension was made by Lain before the captcha even existed and it needs a update

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This thread is permanently archived