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[meta] Captchas are too hard

| Does anyone else feel that the site's captchas are too hard to read? Whenever I want to reply to a thread or start a new one I have to retry the captchas like 4 times.
Does anyone else have this issue? Or am I just retarded?

| I've been experiencing it quite a bit as well.

| Yeah, it's pretty tough sometimes. Especially when the line striking through the words makes c's/o's look like e's or i's look like l's and vice versa. The last letter is even cut off sometimes and you can't see it. There's also awkward spacing.

| Still wishing this captcha has a tolerance system just like the good ol recaptcha

| Switch to Easy Difficulty. It's in the options menu on the start screen. You can only change difficult once per file, so you might need to delete your old save file and start all over.

| >>585929 difficulty*

| I'm totally with you g/burg/rl. I wish it was easier for my OCR bot to solve

| These damn script kiddies and their lack of resolve to make better OCR bots.
You gurls disappoint me

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This thread is permanently archived