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| By any chance, are there active thread in /staff/?

| Because in theory, I could write https://dangeru.us/staff/thread/557726, and check every number until I reach a staff thread.

| Checked from 557726 to 557200. Still nothing. Probably because dangeru.us/staff/ is not ther URL for /staff/.

But I will keep trying. Like Prometheus, it's the job of a g/burg/rl to challenge the janitors and steal their burgs.

| Well, dangeru.us/staff/rules/ tells me that I have no janitor privileges. All right, keep your secret rules for yourself. They probably still are "asdjfads".

No much luck at Github either, but found this.



| Tis a secret to everyone. ;3

| >>fc278d try using a hail Mary attack, maybe you'll get lucky

| Well. It was fun. Found some interesting notes between the lines of code, like "update legacy burgs" and "if users could put /spoiler in the URLs, things would get pretty fucked up"

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This thread is permanently archived