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I saw someone using green text how do i do that?

| Title

| I'm going home now, if no one answers until then I'll dive into github looking for an answer
Because I like looking at other people's code

| >test

| From what I've heard, it used to be a feature, but now I think only colour mod can use it

| Well that's easy g/burg/rl! Just type <green> but with [ instead of < before your message. If you want to change midway through to blue, just type <blue> but with [ instead of <. Have fun g/burg/rl!

| >>557922

fake news

| [pink] test
[green] test
[ffffff] test
[orange] test

| [green]test2

| [green] test3 [/green]

| [green] test4

| Lgreen>test

| [green>test

| damn you

| Nice.

| green [test]

| Only smart people can see the colored text

| Only the great Color Mod has the power to use anything other than whitetext and redtext, you imbeciles.


[blue] test [/blue]

| SEE?!

| [blue] lair

| >>559186 why did you just say liar in blue?

| [Green]:^)

| alt + f4 opens the menu for different text options on pc, i did it with a german keyboard

| [green]> used both alts on a German keyboard with every combination I could think of and nothing works.

| >green> I mean

| [green]

| {green} ho

| [709ec5]wait a second

| ##12345 hmmmm

| [c,blue] wait a sec... [/c]

| [c,blue] test[/c]

| >>51c6d0test

| So cute seeing you guys tryin'

| >>559606 and ofc your name is green

| Hmm... dangeru.us/mod

Sql injection anyone? Give us a color pallete!

| >>559762 do you take legal responsibility for my unlawful actions if I try to hack the mod page?

| This is so funny

| newfags can't colortext.

| >>559903
> yeah, damn losers

| >>559906
> furrack off this is my colour!

| > roses are [red], violets are [blue] , i m no't a mod and so aren't fuking you

| [red] y

| [ red ] y

| <red> n

| > y

| ] y

| >ay

| H >o >a> h

| o >w< o

| >>560366 imao

| >>51c6d0 > poo poo pros

| [redacted] [white] and [green]

| newfags can't black text or even see this unless you're one of the few brave souls using the invert options in the menu.

| [red] Fuck

| || a color

| Lol I just realized that we got at least 3 mods in here...

BTW, how do we become a mod?

| >>560435 have huge dick

| Give Prefetcher money.

| Just spam the janitor (log on) page until you get a match. I believe the username of the colour mod is ##_hidden

| Maybe just _hidden

| another I think is Janitor:prefetcher and another Dev:Lain

| >prefetcher
top kek

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This thread is permanently archived