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dangerous dang ero us

| 2 Years in this board and after finishing the game and it took me a while to notice the gap between letters on the original banner.


| Woah
Experience improved by at least 7%

| Noticed at some point. Graphic design trains you for this kind of shenanigans. It's called Kerning, the alteration of the space between specific combinations of letters, for example, the "VA" in VA-11 Hall-A has a negative value of Kerning, because their shape requires them to be closer to avoid creating a space between the letters, difficulting lecture.

The other term for this is Tracking, and it's applied to all the letters, for example, >A E S T H E T I C S.

| soykaf i can't unsee

| danger burg.burg s

| burg

| Why the furrack does the letter "burg" transforms to burg

| Wait hold ooooon... F_uck goes to furrack.
Also I was talking about the letter that comes after t

| >>551585 Y? Or are you one of those weird ones that use Dvorak keyboards?

| >>551602 in the alphabet headass

| >>551727 Yet again, y comes after t... In Russia.


| >>551585 furrack burg
This is funny

| >>551736
Hmph! you win this time...

| >>551864 To be honest, that was just a coincidence.

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This thread is permanently archived