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A word about the burg capatcha

| Like i dont mean to overstep my bounds but just hear me out please.

Is the capatcha really necessary on /burg/ ? Like i think the capatcha is good with some fixes

Perhaps you can remove it from burg? Its just people choosing which picture of mimi from rezero they find the better meme. Don't see the harm in it.

Unless like, if the capatcha is on for one board it has to be on for all of them or something.
I dunno, i have no experience running a site.

Thanks for hearing me out

| Without the captcha, one can easily use a bot to spam burgs and win the burg war.

| Nice try, you sly burg follower

| First world problems.

| Only reason angry burg is ahead is because without the captcha the spammer posted thousands of angry burgs.

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This thread is permanently archived