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| since there's now threads for 3 non english languages on /burg/, should they be split into a new non-english board? There's more demand for that than there is for /mu/

| >>275e20 no! That's segregation!

| >>548693 no! /mu/ is our most active board!

| I don't think so
acho que não
creo que no
Я так не думаю

| No.

| My two cents:

If you make local boards they will die off quickly. What's the point of having a board dedicated to maybe ten/fifteen people per non-English language?

If you make and international board it will turn into a shitposting festival with politics sprinkled on top, and for those people /news/ is the perfect containment board.

Just browse such boards on 4chan as an example to see how they end up

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This thread is permanently archived