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Captcha services for the client?

| Any chance we could integrate a few captcha services to the client so I can just pay for it instead?

| Better yet let patrons white list one ip

| >>547964 most people have dynamic ip addresses. Which means it won't work.

| >>548013 ehh most of the cable companies I've been with don't change it almost ever because they want to track you, my IP has been the same for about 2 years and I have a "dynamic" ip

Solution is just let them update it x times in x weeks

| >>548022 or we can put some cash together and hire a hitman on the spammer.

| >>65a520 I second this idea

| >>548156

I third it.

| I'll donate a couple dollars

| >>548022 Turn off your modem/router and wait several minutes before turning on again. If you don't need it turned on overnight, just turn off and turn it back on in the morning, it will surely give enough time for other people to claim your previous ip. If after all this you still have the same ip, then pick that device and burn it

| >>548191 I've left it off for a week before and had the same ip and also had power drop for half a day and gotten a new one so it's pretty random

| But that can be solved by just letting people update their ip so

| mAybE We SHoUld mAkE aCcOUntS oN AN aNoNYMouSe bOArD g/U/Rls

| Paid captcha would defeat the purpose of the captcha here, our lovely spammer was more than willing to pay for a ton of VPN services
Letting them pay to bypass the captcha would be the same as inviting them to come back and start spamming again

| >>548307 services that you pay to have them solve your captcha already exist, I was just asking if we could implement support into the client, if they wanted to do that they'd already have done it

(On 4th captcha submitting this message)

| Also can we have a refresh button for the captcha so I don't have to copy my message open the menu then click refresh every time?

2nd captcha

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This thread is permanently archived