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I think it's safe to disable the CloudFlare thin

| It's breaking thread watcher and keeps stopping me from posting in threads sometimes. And mods, if you read this, can you update lastest news found in frontpage? it's like really outdated and it might make people think this board is dead.

| Nice try russian spammer, you thought you could fool us but I see right through you!!

| The cloudflare anti DDOS is the only thing keeping the bot from posting. It's not going off. I've already asked Pref about the "news" line.

| The protection is pretty cool
A spammer would need to emulate a browser(or at least the Javascript and cookies parts of the browser) to "bypass" this filter and that means the bot will have to wait 5 seconds for every different IP it uses to access
It gives the spammer too much trouble and also reduces their impact a lot since every VPN change would force a 5 second cooldown unless they find a way around it

| I HATE cloudflare! For some reason, it tries to keep me away from many sites when I'm on my desktop.

| >>547452

Sometimes addons break cloudflare and keep it from finishing the "check."

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This thread is permanently archived