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Welp Captchas are Back

| This is why we can't have nice things.

| Thanks, Obama.

| Except for Jill plushies. Everyone should have at least one Jill plushie.

| I'm not too upset about it. But I am ordering myself a Jill plushie soon. <3

Captcha is silly.
"hick natty booby"

| >>547145
>her echo melts
That sounded straight from hentai.

| >>547145 I am too upset about it. Look what they did to this precious textboard!

| I'd be ok with the captchas if all of them were suggestive

Captcha > hooky ass maya

| >>547152 I saw. :/ Nothing is perfect tho. They'll always come back. You can't get rid of trolls. At least we have a "fence door" of some kind.

| At least I managed to get the angryburgs on top ;~;
I furracking hate everything...

| Lolol drubs yang brawl still why cant we just have nice things

| Well, danger/burg/ will start dying again soon... One spamer has defeated the whole board.

| Beep boop I'm a bot and I passed the captcha test.
Deal with it. Boop

| >>547482 cool, what language are you made in, bot?
Can I call you R2?
Would you become my best friend?(unless you are made in java or php, then go furrack yourself)

| >>547483 beep Unfortunately, I'm not advanced enough to know what language I was made in boop. Do you know any method to find out? boop

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This thread is permanently archived