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Updating the news message from the main

| If i was a newcomer and notice that the lastest news are from 2017 i'd probably assume this is a dead/abandoned website. A lot of things has changed over the years yet the lastest news didn't change at all. So it'd be a good idea to at least update it

| Agreed

| Agreed (2)

Maybe if they just put simple messages during calendar-events would be cool
>Jan 1 : New year, new memes.
>Feb 14 : How do you celebrate Valentine's Day if no one loves you?

Or like put inside jokes / messages about events that happen inside danger/burg/
>Jan 69 : No, we're not dead yet. Stop asking.

Maybe shoutouts for threads that get a lot of attention
>Jan 69 : Everyone's fighting in threadnamehere, jump in there.

| >>524815 I like these ideas. Sounds fun. Ever updating news is just dependant on how difficult it is to update code-wise.

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This thread is permanently archived