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| Nigger

| yeah

| person of African American descent*

| *politcally inapropiate

| >>522974
Doesn't know about the word filter*

| Some people can give you a pass to say the n-word

| Nigger indeed

| >>523179 I'm black, I give you all an n-word pass

| >>523179 Nigger

| >>523216 cosigning this authorization

| person of African American descent

| >>f10945 As a proud white man, I thank you with the highest respects for donning us with such a great honour. You my friend, YOU are my nigga. Now get back to cotton picking you furracking person of African American descent.



| How about nigga?

| I hate knee gore >:(

| >>524040 an arrow to the knee!

| N I g h t + t e m p o

| >>cb5b7c >>9c4e0a >>1f95e5 >>991ab2 >>e0ecce >>45b025 >>f10945 >>d91f99 >>732c64 >>418d18 >>c69d1c >>76c46a >>d671c8 >>991b86 >>8d9cec >>381030 Nickel

| >>dd115e Niagara falls

| roody-poo

| blacker

| You gurls want some salt and viNEGAR chips?

~troop pal paddy

| >>524380
I'll have some white onion, or yellow cheese instead

| клмр∆д

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This thread is permanently archived