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thoughts on making an /lgbt/ board?

| I thought it'd be a pretty good idea, considering that this place has a fair amount of LGBTQ+ people, as far as i can tell.

| I think it's an interesting idea and I'd like one though I also don't think it would fit the them of the entire place

| We don't need more cancer boards

| It would be /burg/ but less triple gay.

| >another board
no ty

| We already have /d/ for this purpose

| >>515539 it would be like /U/ but more Retarded

| nah, we have enough boards that don't get much use. /lgbt/ topics can go in /d/, /burg/, maybe even /new/ depending on the topic itself.

| >>515611 oh what, furracking filter lmao. /d/, /U/, or /new/

| No

| that's pretty triple gay

| Just go to /u/ or /d/.

| I don't think it's a good idea to add more boards when we already have some inactive boards, beside it will just become /burg.2/

| Can't we just use the existing boards?

| No, the entire site is already pretty lgbt.

Besides, creating a board only for them would get toxic pretty quickly, as it enforces an "us vs them" mentality.

| >>515700 i suppose that's true

| We have /d/. Have you ever been there?

| we have enough dead boards as it is

| Do LGBTQ+ really need to feel that special? I thought they needed equality, so please, you existing boards, attention whiners

| >>516451 i think it'd be good to discuss topics that are related to LGBTQ+ people, having their own board doesn't mean that would make them unequal

| What do you mean lgbt board,there are no other genders except g/burg/rl

| Boards are subjects. LGBT is a category of people. So no.
And if you talk about the subject and not the category, then this is an even worse idea.

| disgusting
>>516581 >people

| i think having the one big trans thread + the general culture of the board in general is enough lgbtq

| /lgbt/ would just get blasted with trolls.

So nah. I'd love to actually talk with the big triple gay so I know I'm not alone, but in practice it'd get ganged by hets.

I'll continue to talk about cute boy dick in /d/ and it'd be fine

| >>516629 I dunno where the triple fits in big triple gay (probs just mistyped) but sure. I'd love to talk to triple of the big triple gay

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