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Cool captcha

| That not only stops the spammer but users as well..
Its really hard to write it sometimes, and sometimes its just imposible

| Well wtf do you want mate, recaptcha instead?

| Users complain there's no captcha, allowing spammers.
>Adds a captcha
Users complain that there's a captcha.

| User's complain the captcha's easy enough to allow the spammer through.
>Makes a harder captcha
Users complain the captcha's too hard



| We should make the captcha even more harder, i might not be able to read it but the spammer won't be able to read it too so it's a win win

| >>510939 yes personally I never have an issue with them and half the time they let me through just by clicking em

| I don't understand at all why people have a problem with the captcha

| I mean, this captcha isnt really that hard.

| o, e and c can be hard to differentiate sometimes.

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This thread is permanently archived