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Someone has to do something to block the reol posts

| Fucking mods, please, I love this forum

| Ugh just shut up already

| admins can stop spam with just 2 clicks
- spammer

| Learn to be patient ffs


| The devs know what they are doing.

| >>476991 This guy's not the real spammer, nor the OP
-spammer, also OP

| >>477330
But I'm the spammer

| >>3862a2 >>712f98 <insert spiderman pointing at spiderman meme>

| >>477332 >>476991 >>477330
Yeah no, im the spammer

| Hello, spammer here. What are you guys doing?

| spamming about the spammer >>477387

| >>477387 >>477414
Ya'll nibbas be posting here like i'm not the spammer, pathetic
-spammer, also ocasionally OP of this thread

| I'm not the OP or the spammer.
-spammer and op, also Lain and Prefetcher, b/c why not?

| "And when everyone is the spammer, no one will be"

| >>477576 +1 best post I've seen in at least a week, actually loled. Nice post. Keep up the good work.

| >>a0d64d
He posted the same message on russian thread with explanaition. Can you do the same ig you're real spammer?

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This thread is permanently archived