Official todo list

| United4:
- 4.2.6:
-- offload music to external server or download locally on demand
- later:
-- control+f - probably not going to do
-- supposedly scrolls all the way up when unwatching a thread
-- keyset pagination


| 4.2.6: fix bug in thread watcher by invalidating toolbar onresume
awoo: hide threads on web UI
awoo: web based thread watcher using non-httponly cookie


| Oh well.

Hiding threads in the web UI and the web-based thread watcher are working, just haven't deployed yet. I need pref to clear cloudflare cache when we deploy so I will have to coordiante with him.

I have also removed the music from the app itself, now when you open the music player it streams the song over the internet. The app is now about 16mb instead of 56.


| That is like kicking dead whales down the beach desu. I liked to be able to listen to the music, despite not having any internet.










| Test

| *A gif of Ricardo dancing naked to basshunter's Dota while a tik tok plays in the background*

| >>425053
Please share

| >>b0cbd1 found one https://youtu.be/eeqPnJYWzzA
If you go on /gif/ on 4chan theres always a thread dedicated to ricardo tik tok remixes and they're glorious

| Also https://youtu.be/L6PXy9OiCNA

| Todo: update the latest news banner on the main page

| >>417758
that could probably be solved maybe by adding an option to download and use that folder or stream

| >>518222 alternatively just download the music from Bandcamp yourself, if you don't want to buy it use YouTube-dl

| >>410186 >>410186 >>410186 >>4cc671 >>4cc671

| >>410700 any chance to add an option to not stream the music over data?

| Radiu should download random lo-fi cyberpunk Spotify playlists in the background to a temp folder and then provide a location of where they've been saved if you click on the computer icon in the radiu.

| Also I want that desktop manager and theme for my linux computer, including the random gif files loaded from a folder in 16 bit colors on login.

| lol

| That means laughing out loud

| >>2bedbc
Hey gurls! It's me again! What if we had image support, but it's run through a 16 bit filter? Like the gameboy camera. Make it only work in test for a while to test it :D

| >>571501 I like this idea
And playing around with rmagick(image library for ruby) is bpth fun and easy, just be careful with the exploits on imagemagick

| test



| todo: sex

| Todo: turn on all emojis

| >>600150 no, uwu

| Can we add a ASIC image board

| Todo: custom strawpoll posts with maximum amount of votes set at 250

| After threads are archived. Leave reply order on

| ????

| >>c45771 bandcamp downloaders work too


| I love sex.

| I love triple gay sex.

| sex

| I am sex.

| s e x n o t r e a l

| Sex

| >>666860 but we've already done sex!

| Have more sex.

| >>671924 let's get on that. I'll help you g/burg/rl!

| Todo: Win the third world war

| Todo: help me

| Sex

| Todo: have sex with pref

| Go to sleep.

| ŦØÐØ÷ª→« ĸ€»“øæ¶ð

| TODO: Cum all over my dog

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