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Why does my ID keep changing in the same thread?

| My ID keeps changing and it makes it seem like I'm sending messages as 3 different people. What's up with that?

| It usually happens to me in the phone app it seems to be normal in the app
Are tou using the app or a browser?

| Hello, is me, the OP.
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>But freal maybe your IP changed?

| I'm using the app.

| App is Broke

| Haven’t run in to any trouble yet with mobile browser

| The mobile version changes the ID with another new entry. Obce you keep the App running in the background, it's fine.

| ...nevermind, looks like it changes even during the use. I'm confused, then.

| It's linked to your IP, your IP changes, your ID changes.

| Watch.

| See?

| Oh wait, now see?

| Tada

| Cheeky.

| Your mobile provider can changer your IP. And does it frequently. So no worries, it's because you use a phone connection and not a WiFi network.

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This thread is permanently archived