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What's your opinion on nix?

| I think it's pretty cool

| I think it's nix

| you will only run what flathub allows you to run and you will be happy

immutable distro "enjoyers" need to be lined up and shot. worse than arch fanboys

| >>bc32d3 jesus fucking christ if you don't wanna use it just don't lmfao;
also tf? most nix users ive met are nice (except the guy praising elon on his weird soykaffy blog)

| >make whiny shitpost
>recieve dopamine

what a life what a life

| my sole interaction with nix is their users gushing about creating lots of nix packages... so i just avoid it like the plague

| I don't really understand nix or why I should use it over a more normal distro

| i dont really understand how it works... ive seen ppl talk about "flakes"?? what are they?

| >>1000253 cereals i believe

| >>1000133 same. my artix just works and that's it. it's stable af (mainly because I'm using it only for browsing the web and telegram)

| Cool i guess


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This thread is permanently archived