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What is your opinion of webp


| It's open and royalty free in the sense that it is believed that all relevant patents have irrevocable grants, so it's OK in my book. Google being google isn't helping though.

| it's fine. though i prefer AVIF for most things. jxl is also nice, but i don't need it much.

| its just a case of devs being lazy again. fine format, lacklustre implementation!

| Pretty good format that's better than jpg in most ways. Just really bad integration from most mainstream software. Even a lot of FOSS projects don't bother to include it, I presume because of its reputation. Kinda make a negative feedback loop where it doesn't gain any traction because it hasn't gained any traction already.

| It's theoretically a good format but because of the above yeah it's kinda annoying

I'm hoping jxl catches on so I can save some HDD space since it can lossless convert jpg

| Awful image format kill it

| I hate saving an image and it being in webp, very inconvenient for that.

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>very inconvenient for that.
ffmpeg will save you.

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What makes you think jxl will catch on when the world has already failed webp?

ffmpeg -i picture.webp picture.png

But consider instead ditching whatever image viewer you have and use one that can read webp properly.

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Thanks for the help, you make webp not seem so bad :)

| >81fd88 It probably won't catch on, considering the drama about it with chromium. It's a shame honestly. I feel like it would be reasonable to keep maintaining a patch in spite.

| MAYBE I dunno, but MAYBE webp wouldn't be so hated if more programs and apps natively could open it, edit it, and see it

| >>997747 this

| >>997747 even doe a lot of programs already do nowadays

| I only save shitposts in PNG, google can suck my dick

| >>997664 no idea if it will, but I hope it does because of it being backwards compatible with jpg and able to losslessly store jpg while still saving space, but we basically need to convince Chrome to implement it or it's dead in the water so who knows what'll happen

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>What makes you think jxl will catch on when the world has already failed webp?
the world has not "failed webp" and google are the only fags in opposition to jxl.

| jxl is pronounced giskel, fyi

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