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Recommended vtubing camera

| I'm not planning to do vtubing full time but as a joke a friend recommend I get a model if I do YT videos. And I'm taking them up on the joke. Since I'm not doing it full time I don't need an amazing quality camera, I just need something that works. Software I'm looking at is vtube studio.

| >as a joke
what a cowardly thread.
for your first few streams, use your phone on a tripod and connect it to vtube studio via droidcam. phone cameras are about as good webcams as you'll get unless you blow several hundred on one.

| i think most big vtubers are using iphones actually cuz they have really good face tracking

| >as a joke
You do know this is a lot of work just for a "joke"? Hmm...
You don't need to be ashamed about wanting to vtube, I'm sure it'll be fun

| >>988115
I mean Vtubing is something I've always considered on and off. I guess this "joke" is just an excuse for me to jump into it lol

| Above posts have already summed it up tbh. Any iPhone including and newer than the iPhone X has the infrared depth sensor, which is sort of the best the industry has right now. If you've got that, you've got the gold standard as far as Live2D goes.

That said, don't buy one if you don't have one. Just hook up your current phone's camera, and see if you even like content creation in the first place. If you do, make another thread and we'll go from there.

| What's a vtuber

| >>988133 its like vsauce kinda

| >>988087 Logitech C920 is probably one of bests pc cameras. if you want go little bit cheaper avermedia live streamer PW313. Both are really decent choices. (personally i choiced and own second one) but both options should be awesome. it is working perfectly out of the box. I bought it as conference cam, but i want use it for streaming too if i will ever dare.

if you want body tracking, you can like Kinect from 360 or xone.

| But pc cameras are honestly in some way expensive.. your phone or any compact camera/videocamera have easily better pictures than this.. but you need find mount for them etc.. but if you want just "webcam" these what i mentioned was best options in 2021/22 when i was buying it.

| check if they have better model of course

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