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Useful Minimal Linux Programmes

| Hey Linux enthusiasts! I'm always on the lookout for efficient and minimalistic tools to streamline my workflow. What are your favorite minimal Linux programs that you can't live without? Whether it's a lightweight text editor, a resource-efficient terminal emulator, or a compact utility that performs wonders, share your recommendations!

| Half-Life

| y did u say programmes and then programs >,>

| Pulsar - Because neither vim nor emacs can be considered minimal in any sense or form

| >>986706
running an interpreter isn't either, but hey as long as it tries that's better then most i suppose

also dunno most light-weight linux software i use is something you just set and forget, like replacing replacing sudo > su or systemd > s6

guess, ncdu

| Big fan of TheFuck

| a lot linux users told me to use Vim
idk if it's good sw or autism

| >>986783

| >>986783 kinda both, but imo more good than autistic

| yay, sudo, pacman

| pokete bcuz i want to play games on company time

| cmus for playing music

| What is your workflow anyways? Recommendations for a someone who works a lot with midis differs from someone who works with spreadsheets or who runs seedboxes.

Also imo just do your normal workflow, identify annoying or repetitive situations, then write scripts or search for tools that make it easier.

| Vim

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This thread is permanently archived