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How do you learn to code with fucking adhd.

| I am so fucking inconsistent with it and scared of doing projects because I fear that I have 0 knowledge for it. Helppp

| lol

| also maybe https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=hoovercj.vscode-power-mode

| or try a lang that needs less attention span idfk.
maybe one that tends to have immediate visual results like good ol crappy JS.
i sure give terrible advice, good luck

| excuses excuses

| I have ADHD and find the more hands on tutorial like in Codecademy works better than stuffs that's just reading/watching. Don't worry about not understanding shit, just blast through.

| You will have to find a learning method that works best for ye. You are your own teacher, so the curriculum can be engineered for your strong suits and challenge your weaknesses. Please be like water.

| >>986838
Flow, Adapt, turn frogs gay

| >>986860 G A Y F R O G S

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This thread is permanently archived