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Linux is cool if you change your philosophy and things you're used to.

| I tinkered with Linux since 2017 for over 3000 hours and I finally realized how to bite it.
1. Choose a distro that you're most comfortable with. For me it's Linux Mint.
2. Don't make it act like Windows. You need to download and keep stuff up to date. If you want to configure a system offline then use Windows.
3. Use stuff that's designed for it. Avoid using barebones WINE. Use either Steam or VM with Windows.
4. Enjoy it.
I installed it on my C2D laptop from 2008 and it's fun.

| I have few computers so if I need Windows then I'll boot a PC with it.
The laptop uses Mint XFCE cause Cinnamon is too heavy. Also use SSD for better experience. Modern Linux is heavy for older processors in my opinion. I tried Debian and openSUSE on a Pentium M from 2005 with LXDE and XFCE. Installing stuff from repo alone tires the single core CPU as it gets to 100%. Either install Windows 2k/XP or wait for HaikuOS to get proper driver support as it can run fine on Pentium 1.

| Install Gentoo
I use Arch btw

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This thread is permanently archived