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New to IT

| I'm 21 and i'm studying computer science since september. I'm really bad at math and my logic is inexistant but i really want to be a developper. Do you have websites were i can try ? I mostly write in C# and Python.

| You are fucked. We all are.

| Strap in sis, you've walked straight into hell. <3

>I'm really bad at math and my logic is inexistant
Math is what you make the silicon do, but for fuck's sake learn some formal logic it will save your entire life

| >>712e46
I'm not reading the 443 pages book in english that's not my mother tongue ooh

| If you want to test your programming skill your best bet is to come up with an idea and then write it, not websites

Here's 2,
For Python an irc/twitch chat bot (don't worry about their API or how to time out people unless you want to)

For c# a gui program that backs up and restores save data for games

| >>983110 How are you gonna steal code from chatGPT if you don't even know English
Back to high school with you

| >>983110
You're out of luck. The *vast* majority of information about IT and programming is in English. Even Chinese developers have to learn English for this.

| >>983032
i'm sorry this has happened to you, maybe you'll learn and finally understand that's hell you're walking into

| Don't listen too much to people, if you want to learn, just think of a project you'd like to work on and gain the necessary skills to achieve it while doing it. It's simple as that. It's going to take years but you'll eventually find your way. The learning curve can hard at the beginning because of the work needed, but there's no schools or courses who can teach you that for me. Computer Science courses didn't give me anything useful on the projects I've wanted to work on.

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This thread is permanently archived