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Is computer virus extinct?

| I went to a print shop yesterday and miraculously my usb isn't infected by some autorun garbage like during WinXP~Win7* era

so I think, that's it. Virus computers are gone. We beat them.

| >*) before the linux users are seething, it's not my fault all print shops use windows ok?

| I miss WinXP. I do not miss XP's vulnerability to viruses. You can use XP safely now because it's not targeted much anymore.

| Windows disabled auto run

| It was a "feature" from Microsoft not something the virus was doing so yeah if course they're not as common

| Viruses have mostly just changed instead of trying to lock up your computer or mess with you in some way they mine crypto and steal your discord login tokens

| >>975324 I really don't know why, on Linux printers *just work*. Thank you Ms. CUPS.
Windows is a fucking slog as far as printers are concerned and working around it is the bread and butter of tier 1 helpdesk.

| >>975332 that actually makes sense. Instead of locking you up they gaslight you, just like my imaginary exes :(

| Out*

| I miss the days when a virus would change my background to scare child me. What a social time

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This thread is permanently archived