BSD > Linux


| And?

| COCK/Linux is best Linux

| Beaverton school district?

| Solaris > BSD, BDSM, Linux

| TempleOS > BSD, Linux ,Solaris

| >>7e1d21

| Hannah Montana Linux > TempleOS, BSD, BDSM, Linux ,Solaris

| >>974496 I checked TempleOS from Linus.. and i never saw worse designed OS in my life.. I thought Hannah Montana is one but i take back TempleOS>everything xd

| your own OS > others OS

| what i see.. it's pure art, i never saw such thing like this. It's just like if you would open someone's basement and see there hardly massacred human bodies, it would be fucking disgusting.. but also, do you know what kind of hard work it was for the author?

| I need time to process it

| This OS is miracle

| Honestly temple os is sad because the guys clearly talented just had some mental disorder that wasn't properly taken care of to the point he got hit by a train or bus or whatever it was

| i was dealing with an old i486 machine, old BSD was the only thing that would even remotely run. finding the pagkage archives for it was a huge pain in the ass, and new releases that claimed to work on i486 didn't because of some boot sequance change.

linux on the other hand noped at every step i could not find a single version that would come close to booting, which is kinda sad.

| >>974788 going outside> Hannah Montana Linux, TempleOS, BSD, BDSM, Linux ,Solaris

| >>975183 Temple OS> going outside, Hannah Montana Linux, BSD, BDSM, Linux ,Solaris

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