| Looking for website to put on gifs and videos

| Like youtube or vimeo

But there is gif and video

| 4c0cks shall do u very well. dey hav webms

| >>973461 ....i mean portofolio site. Not... forums

| Google Drive

| moar like cia hive

| >>973475 thats not portofolio
>>973483 nor is this

| So something like imgur? Or is this 50k

| >>973523 no. Like behance or instagram.
Or pixiv. But mostly catered to gifs and video. Portofolo things

| ifunny.co

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| This is definitely 50k, but it's a good discussion topic, so I'll keep it live. Moving it to /tech/ tho...

| >>973840
In all seriousness, this. Most portfolio sites don't allow video (hosting them can be expensive), but you can place whatever with your own site.

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