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new laptop got Linux installed

| took me like 8 hours and Firefox still doesnt work

| That's cuz ur programmer socks are shit

| Clearly your socks aren't long or cute enough

| you clearly lack a buttplug

| I put on longer socks and firefox does work now... I think you g/u/rls are on to something

| What's even the point of this thread? Go and install wangblows then. Compile f*refox from source. Get an AppImage. Do you expect us to tell you how to fix it with no logs or no idea of what's going on?
You didn't even tell us what distro it has installed.

| lol i got firefox working it was just kind of annoying. Firefox itself was working but I was having trouble copying my passwords and bookmarks

it has arch btw

| now my issue is dealing with the weird uni wifi :,)

| /rant thread not help thread

| >>972937 how about sex thread

| >>973089 go post on /d/ then

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This thread is permanently archived