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Tiling managers?

| qtile is cute

| Sway is about as good as it gets rn

| i still use awesome because lua makes the configuration almost effortless

| wtile uses python? i'm gonna give it a go then.

| qtile*

| i3 a classic

| Using i3 because it's simple, but planning switch to dwm because I want the fastest response on my shitty old laptop (actually maybe the problem is the fact that alacrittily is quite heavy, it opens for me in 0.5 seconds) Also dwm have cool window layout(s?) So yeah. If I had more powerful hardware I'd like to try awesome

| On macOS I'm using yabai and on Linux Xmonad. Kitty is my terminal emulator of choice.

| Recently there's the hype around hyprland

| >>972639
What kind of pc do you use if you need more power to run awesome? I used to run awesome on my Eee PC 1005HA and those specs are crap.

| I don't thing performance differs much between i3 and dwm. dwm has floating and tiling modes, it's cool, but after using i3 for a long time I use sway now, and i3 when the computer's too old to run sway.

| >>972762 thinkpad x200.
tbh I didn't tried installing awesome on it, so maybe it'll be okay

| i just wish software caught up to sway, having multiple mice/keyboards be goood

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This thread is permanently archived