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laptop reccomendations?

| something tough and that doesnt suck to type on. was thinking a think oad except I dont like how heavy they are

| I like my HP Envy's typing feel, and its made out of aluminum. Its been dropped innumerable times, and its dented but nothings broken.

Cons are that it doesn't have any battery controls such as setting a maximum charge for longevity, and that it gets way too fucking hot. Seriously I use it propped up against a normal PC keyboard because if using it while plugged in it roasts itself.

Because of this I doubt longevity is very good, especially for the hard to replace battery.

| I also need a laptop but I'm cheap and don't want to buy one rn

Framework laptops look really cool and they're user repairable

| >>971731 True but they're overpriced and dont offer anything in the way of a discrete gpu currently and they're stuck on older Intel hardware last I checked - also the less money that goes to Linus Shill Tips the better. I really like some of their concepts but I hate the fact that the swappable IO is being turnt into a dongle situation - its not even like the Ultrabays on old thinkpads storage is a entirely different issue.

| >>971515 Look for a pre-2020 Dell Precision or a Ideapad maybe? There are so many modern thinkpad models you may have missed some of the lighter ones. If you want to be more unconventional Asus have some non gamer laptops with similar specs.>>971521 Aside from your hardware issues, HP have pretty bad bios and other software issues, they once "fixed" a keyboard driver issue by basically making a keylogger and saving all of its data in the public folder on windows lol, good luck

| >>971817

Just looked online they are now taking pre-orders for amd laptops, but I didn't see an obvious launch date. Definitely right about them being expensive, though.

Also fuck Linus and his shitty vids, but imo he hasn't gone full burn everything he touches level of cancellation yet.

Can 2nd the shitty bios, they also used a weird storage system on my laptop that makes it seemingly impossible to set up dual boot without re-installing windows too.

| T420

| for longevity, get a legion 7 and underclock it. good specs, decent cooling as far as laptops go, and cooling is why most laptops die ime. likewise the blade series is okay.

| Stupid as hell but very doable option and what I use - Steam Deck. It's fucking insanity but I have mine plugged into a dock with Windows installed and it works amazingly well with just a keyboard and mouse and is great for portability. It's a good option if you are intending to do a lot of gaming and want something that fits for that purpose, but software side is going to be a mess as you need to learn dualbooting and do tons of tweaks. Not everybody wants to do that effort.

| I know GPD also makes really small handheld PCs that are more multipurpose but you're fucked if it breaks because their customer support is bad.

The laptop I had before the Steam Deck is a Lenovo Ideapad Y700, and it still works well. Its only issue was battery sucked at times and currently, the hinge is a bit damaged so it sits stationary. I had it since 2017 and it still is very usable today. I imagine a newer model of this would also be a solid option.

| Macbooks are expensive and overpriced but still very usable options, if money isn't an issue and you want to use a mainstream professional device, it technically works. I personally would only get it if I was needing to work on iOS development since XCode is needed.

Those are my thoughts as a whole.

| I use arch btw

| >>971817 framework 16 has a expansion bay with space and power for a laptop grade GPU, I think it's got 210W available to the system plugged in? Haven't read the spec in a while but I know they did something new with USB c pd since it doesn't go that high normally

| >>972030 It can have 210w when plugged in, you obviously need a different charger. But that laptop is only avaliable for preorder right now, and compared to other laptops that frequently go on sale or are sold by businesses, once you get all the accessories for the framework it costs more. Wait for the launch and then see. Also, they only sell laptops with 13th gen Intel and Amd 7040 in my region- both of which are about $1000 USD. Lets see how long gpu/accessory support lasts.

| >>971931

As a windows user I've actually been looking at getting a macbook air for writing on. The idea of them being totally quiet and staying cool to touch is very attractive, also me finding them so limiting compared to windows will be nice since I hopefully won't get as distracted compared to on my PC.

Cost is prohibitive for now though.

| >>972036 they use "USB PD 3.1 EPR" @36v 5a for 180w USB c charging and can draw from battery at the same time, or you can use a 3rd party 240w charger

I'm not arguing on price it is expensive but it's cool and I want one

| Yes

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