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How do I bypass library computer protections?

| I need help on bypassing my university's computer's protections. All I want is to boot a live distro and not use the shitty windows install that, after having so much shitware installed on, is unbearably slow. The computers are some old HP Elitedesks with 5th int*l processors and the bios has a password. I can't reset it because I can't open the machine up there. Is social engineering the only way?

| just use a laptop

| You can try to use a manufacturers backdoor password to access the BIOS if you know one, or overload the keyboard buffer hypothetically.

| hopefully your university's staff are chill about doing this. good luck :D

| Sometimes, the one-time boot menu is available even when the BIOS is locked.

| Unless you want to get banned from your uni's system, or fined, use a laptop. Remember those computer's aren't your property and they're shit anyway. Not to mention It'll be immidiately flagged to any competent sysadmin and you wont be able to connect to the internet. However..you can unlock the bios by using the master password -
1) Boot into bios,when prompted for passoword enter wrong passwords 3 times,until checksum pops up,note down the number displayed in square brackets

| >>969912 2) Enter the number onto this website https://bios-pw.org/
3) Enter bios again, work your way through the code list. I also found a code for a HP x360, it could work - https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Boot-and-Lockup/System-Disabled-after-incorrect-BIOS-password/td-p/6930500
4) Don't do this, get a job and buy a laptop, stop relying on the fiscal vampire that all universities are.

| >>969913 Oh and also seek god

| >>969552 change booting in bios ez

| Punch the PC until submission,works on my gf

| >>970056 Calm down Chris Brown

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| OP here. I do have a laptop. I just want to boot into linux on the university's computers for the sake of doing it. I fucking hate wangblows. Chances of me getting banned or fined are really low, since people there are pretty chill and I don't think it's even possible for them to fine be because it's a public university. I'm not messing with anything sensitive so I'm not gonna break it. Worst case scenario is me leaving wangblows unbootable somehow, which is an easy fix for the IT people.

| Gonna try the manufacturer backdoor tomorrow, thanks for sharing it.
What does this have to do with seeking the Lord? I just wanna do something hacky and have fun and get a little bit of freedom, it's not like I'm doing anything wrong.

| >>970386 Public Universities where I live are often much stricter with private, they can absolutely fine you for tampering with the public computers as they make you accept a agreement for using them/having a network account, violation of the agreement gets you kicked off the system and maybe other consequences, but if your chill with the IT staff and they can see you're not retarded you might get off the hook, but get on good terms with them before you make more work for them.

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| >>970402 thanks for the update

| >>970419
I'm sorry, why do you say that?
I'm brazilian (OP) and they never made me sign anything to use the university's network, but you're right. I should talk with the IT staff. Things happened and I couldn't go last week but next week I'll try that method and feedback here.
I've downloaded The Bible before (from gutenberg.org) but never spread the word myself.

| >>970386 updates!!

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| >>970848 1 John 3:8

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| >>969912
>school library
>competent sysadmins

lmao the most tech competent people are the contractors hired to set up the system. my old high school's servers are cooled by a big fan stolen from the pe garage

| >>971199 coming from the other side of things, our contractors are fuarrking stupid. With public funds, we need to go to vendor with every major project (and pre-qual for maintenance), and we're often expected to choose the cheapest bid. The internal staff are great, but can only do so much with the limited resources we're offered, and the cheapest of the bunch contractors mean we're always cleaning up after them.

| >>971199 Incompetent sysadmins are even worse since when they undoubtedly notice that a computer isn't connected to the network due to fuckery, and they can't fix it, they be unreasonable and accuse you of being malicious as to not admit they cant fix the problem, which isn't actually a problem. Typically most edsysadmins I've met have been bro's who wanted to get paid for basically NEETing all day, but there are always power tripping exceptions, who are always less competent.

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