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If you had a lot of time and wanted a new project to work on, what it would be?

| Give me your ideas..

| No

| i have a ton of time only issue is i cannot stay committed to one project for shit.

| My own programming language, then my own bootloader, then my own OS, then porting the language to the OS. Might still do this one day.

| I'd make a videogame. The biggest obstacle in my path would be learning coding cause god I hate that stuff.

| >>956879 try to study that sign pls ","

| make a machine to properly dice onions

| mom eater

| I'd like to make a "Humans Care For Other Humans" type of organisation, specially for these upcoming days/years when the AIs will take most people's jobs eventually.

But I'm lazy and too busy playing vidya, and I kinda don't regret it, since I'm enjoying a well deserved break from life, I earned it.

| I love sex.

| I have idea, but it's secret.. but in short it's digital platform/social network/distributions.. i have weakness for closed systems

| >>956879 >>956857 we could fill each other..>>629c29 but your idea is as make sky castle.. it's unlikely you could do this whole alone. Just if you would be ok about terminal and even for this you would need too much time.. for example Linux kernel in 1994 had 176k lines of code


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This thread is permanently archived