Kira the Script-Kiddie

| I found a half-broken website that gives me access to other random user accounts. I'm just downloading a cyber-security software, proxy, and I'm thinking of trying to experiment with SQL. And maybe take some old valuable data. Do you think this is a good idea? I feel like Kira when he found death note.

| This is definitely a bad idea, but I want to see you do it anyways. Report back OP.

| there's like a .1% chance the owner will pay you if you disclose it. but go crazy. give us an update whenever.

| >>956484 well i did, over that how website is broken, scan didn't found any weaknesses.. maybe it's have nothing to do with SQL, but maybe PHP and server side? But always when i do registrations, around every 5th account get access to private data.. and after log out lose them.. i feel brainfucked
>>956490 i don't have talent in web and network things, i can use cms, make simple website using javascript, i'm better in software. Indian youtube tutorial is not everything.

| >>956490 website is small, i won't be specific, but it's archiving old steam keys, with traffic max. around 5-20k real users. Distribution is not them main activity, it's just secondary product. Imagine something as if was exists books publisher, and they was giving for every purchased book gift with random steam key. (it's not this, but it's 80% close) i will have access to a lot these keys anyway i guess so i feel still happy, but making a lot registrations is difficultier

| than have access to older disactive accounts/databases xd get this data would be digital gold mine, because there was also few games from big publishers, like capcom or square enix. i'm maybe bad person, but broken website just attached my eyes.. and i'm collecting things around Steam.

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