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| How much damage have AI impacted the illustrations and animation business perse?

I suppose it decreases commissionand sales
But how much? The exact number

| Idk give me a grant and I'll write a paper on it

| Maybe decreased commissions but I'm thinking it decreased the commissions that artists didn't want to do anyway. The other thing is copyright infringement since AI is trained on images that artists didn't allow permission to use. Then AI is probably going towards making nfts so it's continuing that scam

| >>956214 the exact number is 2.

| >>956214 you should be asking this:
How many wonders will AI make that will lift and improve the art industry?

| >>956214 How do you measure damage? Objectively damage don't exists

| >>956401 nice question. You ask that.
>>956404 flextape is made for damage so the question exists.

| It's funny how artist are being angry at people for posting AI art and claim copyright infringement, I think for the most part, people just generating images for personal fun and coom.

Meanwhile, if companies are the one using AI art, there will be less artist hired. With multiple gacha games launching every months, there is no way none of them are all hand drawn. That's just from character design, what about advertising, logo design and other tasks?

| >>956466 not all ai art is supposed to be posted

Did artist got angry at them for that reason? Nice analysis i guess. But i imagine commission will get the strike first since amateurs will join the trip now without any training

| ai will be like smartphone.
laught at first, tried later, implemented on the humanity's life like another arm. The folks won't even see it coming and they are gonna be too busy with their tickclock to even try to stop it.
anything it'll substitute will fade out without much of interest from others, because we ultimetly live in a selfish society.

| What do people like about AI art?

| >>956491 everything

| >>956491 the facts that it's yet to become good and we can get so much quality art of out the beta prototype that we can make use of now.

| >>956432 question is how AI can do damage, i didn't heared about any terminator kill artist.

| >>956470 I've seen a few artists threaten a takedown when they see AI art similar to their style posted. Also, there were discussion among artists on twitter about not tagging their works or take their works from boorus, which will end up hurting their visibility.

Of course, there is that asshole who took an artist unfinished sketch on stream and use AI to finish it before the artist and then claim that it's his art. That guy deserve to be ball busted from all directions.

| But for most past, I think they should be more worried about companies using AI art more than some random bloke imitating their art in twitter/pixiv. Especially the famous artist that don't accept commision request.

| So ai art I think has a future but currently it's probably not legal or at least immoral, specifically because it's being trained on works without permission.

These things don't make new art but a kind of mashup of all the art they've been trained on, at which point it's basically copyright infringement

Also of note you legally can't own ai art in the US because it wasn't made by a person, so you won't see it in games and such for important things at least

| Once someone trains an ai on only creative commons no attribution or less restrictive licenses then the copyright argument goes away and you're only left with the inability to own a copyright issue

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