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secure boot without UEFI

| I know that secure boot technology is only available in UEFI, but are there any "kludges" to implement it on old devices without UEFI and with BIOS only? using arch btw. one of the options that a friend suggested to me is to store the boot partition on a separate device (on a flash drive), but in this case it is not clear what to do if, for example, the flash drive suddenly dies (lol) and where i should to store backups for the boot partition.

| Why do you want secure boot anyway?

| >>956089 just to increase the security of my device in the case of a theft/if it ends up in the hands of the FBI lol

| I already use full disk encryption, but it seems to me that this is not enough

| >>956136
use thermite lol

| >>956135 FBI Has NSA backdoors you stupid nigger

| >>956135 if someone has physical access to your device they're going to root it eventually. no exceptions
closest you can get to security in that circumstance is if the pc wipes itself whenever touched wrong.

| >>956367 ik, but I use librebooted ThinkPad without IME and wifi chip

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This thread is permanently archived