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Your opinion on body augmentations?



| cool shit.

| i spill my drink

| I think I would like to have an augmentation that allows me to download and learn knowledge/experience/skills immediately

| So rad! I would replace a lot of stuff with robot parts given that thet work well, and I'm not in massive debt for it lolololol

| I'm in favor of it as long as the tech is both safe and convenient.

| I think it's likely to exist in the next 20 years but mostly be to help the disabled and not something many people will do just for whatever benefit it might have

| Don't you think that the most crucial part to it is learning about human organism itself? I mean there are so many aspects of our body remaining unresearched. Main issue is that is bionic prosthetics would undoubtedly be better? And i'm not talking about some religious shit. Maybe we could use our knowledge from biological ponit of view. I mean how we would make something better if we don't know exactly for sure was is to be improved?

| Maybe we should concentrate on learning about ourselves first?

| If we're talking about augmentations on that high of a level

| I think them being better isn't agiven like prosthetic arms and legs fuckin suck

Besides we'd have to learn how the parts work before we could design something to replace them and even then they'll probably be worse look at cochlear implants for example

| Look up Kelly Knox. Model who lost her left lower arm. Guess its not really augmentation but she had like a metal tentacle on there and thats baller.

| I would only get them with open source firmware

| >>d7aa66 depends on whats better. Runners with certain prosthetic legs can run faster than normal human speeds. But trying to crouch and stuff isn't nearly as viable.

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| >>955943 that sounds painful

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