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How often should I clean my PC?

| I'm about to put together a new computer and I realized I never put in time to clean the old one. The new PC will have a case with a dust filter on the top but I'm looking after a full grown cat. Which means fur shedding.

| hvac engineer here, you don't put filters on the pc, you put the filters on the cat and whatever else brings dust inside your dwelling (or generates it inside your dwelling i guess). cover the cat with some hepa filter paper and you should be good to go

| depends on how much you want it to be clean and what kind of things there is inside. Try to open it at least once a year... there's air duster you can buy to help cleaning

| Also depends on your thermal buffer. I've got a hot af CPU so I wouldn't let stuff build up on my radiator if I could help it.

| I clean the filters, mouse and keyboard every 2 weeks or so.

For the fans and inner parts, I think I could get away with cleaning it once a year, but I do it every 6 months out of habit.

| I live in a old dusty house so I air dust mine's every month. You should keep it off the floor though, more dust and hair gets in if you have it running there.

| Psa: don't use high flow air on fans without holding them still The magnets inside will act as a generator. Had a friend kill his motherboard by blowing the dust out with a leaf blower

| Small compressed air will probably be fine but electric ones may be too much basically just don't spin your fans at full speed using them plz

| That doesn't matters. What matters is that you should install Gentoo.

| matter*

| >>948252 i have my pc for 2.5 year and i didn't clean it yet. It is having dust filters. And sometimes when i look throught glass (which i also don't clea) seems ok. But i don't have animals in room where is pc. After 3-4 years i did finally clean my keyboard.. i think that your pc will be fine.. fun fact i found spider web in corner of room (behind pc case)

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This thread is permanently archived