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End of antibiotics?

| Once will they stop works for population, do you think that we have replacement? Or potential replacement in future? Or will people dying on common sicknesses as pneumonia, tuberculosis etc.?

| the untrusty "Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell" channel says otherwise, there have been the bacteriophage savior from all along

| >>946066 i'm not knowing what you talk about totally.. can i ask about link? "^^

| >>946066 why do you say untrustworthy

| >>946089 kurzgesagt is neolib agitprop
>>946057 no, actions have consequences [cool]

| >>946057 no one can predict the future but technology and medicine keep advancing I imagine we'll find new ones or cures/vaccines for the things that become an issue

Currently the FDA recommends not using fluoroquinolones (class of antibiotic) on thing's that don't really need it. They have some side effects which make them not a good choice for something minor but that comes with a benefit of being used less and therefore less likely to have straigns resistant to them

| >>946072 https://youtu.be/YI3tsmFsrOg

| YT video donated by bill & melinda gates foundation.. this i wouldn't expect xd
>>946092 no one can predict future, but there are some trends which are defining future.. in electricity for example for long time talk about nuclear fusion, in IT about BCI, in automotive about hydrogen etc.. But i don't know about medicine so well, so i was just curious if are some concepts in development/experiments.. about actions of FDA i know..
>>946099 this seems interesting, thank you ^^

| Antibiotics? Nanomachines son, thats the ticket. The question is if its worth it.

| Medically speaking, Multi-resistant Bacteria are a huge problem that's only growing. The only "hard counter" we have if they get into a hospital (which they have almost everywhere) is literally disinfectant, alcohol and heat. And that only works on surfaces, not people. It's not looking Rosy, but most cases are Staphylococcus Aureus for now, so local infections of wound sites and such. Agonizing and dangerous, but less contagious than Tuberculosis.

| >>946342 idk, alcohol works pretty good on me g/u/rl. How about we go out and try some on you? ( •3<)

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