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Discord is slow on PC

| Hello.. i'm not sure if it's just me.. But i feel that Discord is slow on my pc.. loading of channels and so.. (9400F, 2070S, 2x8GB DDR4), but even in my past phone (Snapdragon 665, Adreno 610, 4GB RAM) it is much faster.. is problem in hw, or phones are more optimised? Or anything else?

| discord is badly written trash
but then 90% of people who use discord are trash, so they deserve it

| >>17f7c7 based

| use discord inside your browser, the desktop app is just a browser, but it's like a 10 year old outdated one, they don't give a fuck to just update it

| you can run discord? my $55 phone is more powerful then my computer which cries running ubuntu and cant launch osu lol

| Your reactions of all little calmed.. i shortly thought if just discord don't hate my pc xd

| Discord runs shitty on everything

| >>945438 idk, runs pretty well on my 7950X, sounds like a skill issue to me. :3

| >>945556 cuck

| >>945556 well, i didn't bought cpu for price of my phone xd

| >>945556 eh. good for you. but discord *should* be able to run well on *everything*.

| u s e
t o x
q t o x . g i t h u b . i o

| >>945589 matrix, dumbfuck

| >>945589 it can be may interesting project, but i feel it's useless until other people use it and won't be PC only and downloadable just on github.. it's one of reasons why i have all platforms from meta, discord, line, kik etc.. Personally i don't need any kind of extra privacy, i realise what all data these platforms have.. personally i like concept of traditional chats, but discord is trash from all of them (in side of performance)

| >>945636
>PC only
>downloadable just on github


your opinion is blatantly retarded

| >>945614 When they make the UI bearable

| reject spyware, return to irc

| >>945662 also option, but communities where i'm don't use them

| thou there's a ton of open source discord client

| >>945754
make them use it or be stuck with fucking discord, and no word is harsh enough to qualify that wretch

| >>a23496 If you understood exactly what data they have and what happens to this data, you wouldn't be such a fucking consoomer.

| >>945782 i guess so, but i don't want risc to get banned account in future honestly.. i guess it's again ToS
>>945810 i'm in few communities what i use for chat around anime, around game projects, trading, also university project once xd danger/u/, around 2 entities what are may dead etc.. i doubt that i can make them change, i tried once move people from FB to Skype and i failed xd i just prefer to adapt system i guess..

| >>945835 what kind of data they have?:o i suppose they have everything from my activity from Discord, but i don't believe they are able to manage this kind of data.. they have probably enough data to make advertisments or data needed for investigations like FBI.. but commonly real person probably won't access them, and they won't affect things as my career i think..

| My ISP is having probably more data than any online service i guess

| >>945845 >and they won't affect things as my career i think..
until they do.
your isp can see what websites you connect to by default but they can't see what you do on these if said websites use TLS, which is darn near all of them.

| does your isp actually see where you go if you change your dns ?

| >>946133 i guess that it will be too late i guess.. i just think prefer being customer using online services easier than using obscure os what isn't compatible with most popular applicationss or avoiding online services which are used by highest numbbers of population. I think that security is one thing and privacy second.. than my ISP know about porns what i saw just based by URL.. and i'm ok with it i guess xd

| Discord had always been slow on PC. It is a pain whenever an update available, it take forever...

| >>946160 If you don't use encrypted DNS, they could still see the requests you are making to other DNS servers.

| >>945835
>If you understood exactly what data they have and what happens to this data

lol, as if you know? then tell us what kind of data discord save and handle. no cop-outs or fuzzy answers. give it to us straight (so I can correct you about how wrong you are)

| >>946286 nitro bootlicker spotted

| >>946288
i just like to put phonies on the spot when they bullshit about stuff related to my proffession. when you actually know your shit it's easy to spot the ones who don't.

that's the thing. you can't fake intelligence or being well read, and I certainly don't care much for liars and wannabes.

| >>945732 what is nheko, what is mao, what is venezuela

| >>946200 when i want read multiple things i literally prefer Discord on phone to read and than reply from pc if it's needed

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