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Does anyone know of any free-to-use VPN services?

| I wanna watch foreign content on the subscription apps I use but I don't have the income to afford any more subscriptions, like to a VPN service. I've heard there are free ones. What is your experience and do you have any recommendations?

| Remember! If you aren't paying for a product, you are the product.

| already told you buddy, five bucks a month is not a lot. buy a proper service. otherwise you're getting datamined to shit.

| Free ones are basically guaranteed to be blocked by Netflix or whenever other streaming service you want to use if they do that kind of blocking

| as long as you're not trying to do anything feds don't like, go crazy.

| just don't use services like netflix and torrent everything

| >>945238
Netflix has started to block VPN'S anyways

I'd reccomend just torrent your shit or watch it on a piracy site. most free vpn's don't allow you far out of your region. and it sucks

| torrent over i2p

| Torrents over paid VPN and ditch the subscription

| >>e92081 Unironically, fuck Netflix and subscription services designed to turn you to a endebted serf with no savings or property. I would rather my money go to Mullvad who have good privacy practices and a non cucked payment model.

| maybe hola

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This thread is permanently archived