Danger/u/ Text Commands

| I'm curious if anyone has a full list of interesting things you can do on this message board. The only things I've seen here are the ability to quote users and specific posts, use >for red text and [\spoiler] to hide text. Anyone know any other interesting things you can do on here?


| U ar butiful :3


| Janitors can make text any color they want, but they won't share their secret with us

| |||

| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

| Reet

| [#ff2200] maybe html color code. keep tryin

| surely it's in the awoo source code.

or can it only be used by jannies?

| weird ass wording. i mean it's probably in awoo's source code on github. but it might be for jannies only.

| Danger/pass/ subscribers can use coloured text, just like this! They can also send private replies, only seen by other Danger/pass/ subscribers, like this following reply:


| >>945148 Capitalismus

| >>d219fe how do I sub to Danger/pass/? I've never heard of it before. Also all the discord links are broken now.

| I love sex.

| >>945266 it isn't real it was an April fool's joke previously


| >>945266
deposit money directly into my bank account

| [\spoiler] nipah

| \spoiler damn

| >>945620 >>945621 please be slow

| spoiler I'm retarded so I may need tutorial

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