| red or green, what's your team

I'm full red, god I love my RX 6700 I bought for 280€

| i got burned too hard on the 1080 release to consider nvidia again(and a few other reasons). i really hope intel gets good because for me there's not really a choice atm, it's get a new amd card or stick with the one i got.

| nvidia perpetually shits the bed with drivers
the hilarious thing is that it doesn't need to, but insist on doing so anyway. their development model is a double fucked oreo.

| you thought you had it rough with nvidia on linux? tough shit buddy, 522.25 - 528.01 broke most rendering software under windows too. and they really fucking insist you autoupdate, which a lot of people actually agree to for some reason. imagine being the guy having to explain that the graphics card company can't do graphics properly and you have to revert

| >>939266 oh shit really ?

And I still hear people saying that AMD drivers are bad and that Nvidia is the best.

At least on Linux updating your whole system/drivers and apps is just a click.

| I have an old Nvidia from back in the day, but if I were to upgrade now? Nvidia just can't compete with AMD in terms of price to performance, and no one actually uses or cares about ray tracing (including me), so I would 100% go with an AMD. No questions asked.

| both r shit but i go nvidia cuz amd fucked up their vr drivers

| Don't have vr don't care about ray tracing, moonlight is dead/sunshine runs wherever both amd and Nvidia are overcharging I'll stay with what I have or maybe by next gen AMD/Intel

| I'm currently on AMD's RX470. I'll just go whatever available and better value for 1440p when I build a new PC this or next year. I'd like to play around with AI generated art, but I feel like I'll just pay extra 200$ for nvidia card and get bored of the AI stuff after a week.

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