Decent budget windows gaming laptops

| Help.

| >asks for difficult to find things
>does not supply any pertinent information (budget/target games/amount of dicks sucked this year)
>will complain when nobody replies
the /tech/ experience

| At least tell us what your budget is.

| elona 1080 ti

| I got a decent MSI gaming laptop last year for $1000. Can play AAA game from 3 years ago pretty well. I think that's the lowest you can go

| I would recommend a mac os gaming laptop, much better

| what's the base requirement?

| fuck i can barely read my ID goddamn.

| >>939276 it says C0KSLT

| You can get a Acer Nitro 5 for about $600-800 depending on your region. It sacrafices pretty much everything for specs, build quality and keyboard are shit. Lenovo Ideapad Gaming L340 is cheap and can be found on sale for under $500 but motherboard is shit, and single channel only, but keyboard is really good. Asus TUF are ok too. Battery life on all sub-$1000 gaming laptops sucks especially if they have high refresh rate monitors, Intel Irs is good at that price point if you care

| >>107e82
See how a pro does it gurls?

| gaming laptop is bad investment, just get a cheap used dell/hp office pc and put a gpu in it

| >>939392

| >>6ded2d
You are a mvp

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