Necessary, Can't-Live-Without Software?

| I just got a new PC with some boku specs, and am going through the process of setting it all up. Specifically, I'm going through and installing all the software that I need on a day to day basis. For me, it's the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, the Microsoft Office 365 Suite (I know /u/ don't like either, but I kinda need them to operate), 7zip, KeePass, VLC Media Player, etc. What software would be on that list for you? What software can you not live without?

| Everything, steam/playnite, retroarch, foobar, directory opus, lycheeslicer, hexchat, sumatrapdf, vsc, calibre and plex

| Also it's always morally correct to pirate adobe

| >>939143 I agree, but it's provided to me for free, so I'll just use it.

| If you need a software, you can download it, pretty sure you have internet.

You don't need to bloat your computer right away.

| okular/pdf reader

| >>c16393 can concur there, okular is such a good pdf reader
for me,
is so essential. I have 4 separate devices, and keeping a couple folders with random things like dotfiles or e-books sync'd between them is so nice

| I assume you're on Windows so wsl and Winget or scoop/chocolaty
(Scoop is my personal choice but that was pre Winget so)

Firefox and chrome, I main a hardened FF but use chrome to open things that my setup breaks

Nextcloud sync, python 3, auto hotkey, and shareX

| >>939165
wait people not using KDE or Linux are using it ? I thought it was only me and the kdegurls

| >>939160
>essential software

| foobar2000 and mpv(.)net (fork of mpv with some qol additions)

| Foobar2000
Irfanview (not really necessary these days, but I like it more than the default image viewer)
Sublime Text

I also need Git, Python, and Node for work. For documents I just use Google Docs, no downloading necessary.

| >>939263 twin

| >>939203
If it's essential, why it is not include with your os.

| >>939269
implying all the bloatware in os' like windows 10 are essential?

| >>939277
I don't use w10

| >>939298
so you're implying bloatware in general is essential?

| >>939300 well at least microsoft thinks so

I don't, that's why I don't use Windows

| I mean my os had vlc and qbittorent and a lot of other shit already installed with only 20Go

| Notepad++

| 7zip
VLC because im a oldfag
I tried using LibreOffice for a while but ended up going back to my pirated Microsoft Office 2010, any suggestions to alternatives?

| >>939404

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