Why did YOU start using Chrome?

| the transition to Firefox was obvious since IE was shitty, and I used Opera because it had a funny basketball minigame. But for the life of me I can't remember why I started using Chrome. Was it more lightweight? Was it because google products started to take over people's consciousness? Like how people used to use yahoo mail now everyone uses gmail? Why??

| I used Bing for a while and its good for entering random sites you never would usually see but it has a problem where it would show you opposite of what you wanted, it is incredibly slow and has very little protection while flexible it isn't as prevelant as chrome, I use Chrome now for its protective while minimal very decent features and its well made UI and actually shows you the things you want instead of uselessness

| Cuz it's mainstream

| maybe a website used some chrome exclusive shit, maybe it was one of the tens of googles platforms that at a point in time nagged the hell out of you if you didn't use chrome, maybe some vendor just decided to install it on your pc and you didn't change it.
google pushed chrome hard for a very long time through a veriety of means, you probably just got cought up in it.

| but hey i cannot understate how much of a dumpsterfire every modern web browser is.
so it's not like what you use makes a diffrance.

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now that you mention it, I kinda remember google advertising it and when you download and open it it just installs itself without asking questions which felt so modern at the time.

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not true! firefox is still good. I think. well some nerd told me it's still good so it probably is. maybe.

I mean like, chromium is a monopoly and monopolies are bad, right? Right?? I'm totally doing the right thing, or should I say (lowers glasses) the left thing? ah? ah?

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monopolies are bad yes.
but duopolies aren't much better.
and firefox has been cutting neat features for a long time.
and the web standard is becomdng increasingly over complicated. websites can and will give you a diffrent page depending on what browser you use if they use browser specific features.
next to no website will run without javascript, nowdays webAssembly is being tacked onto that long list of required features

| you might as well just make a new standard compleatly seperate from html/http as it would at least distinguish you.

try and make a feature compleate browser and you'll never be able to.
try and make a browser with only basic functions and it will run so few sites no one will use it.
the sole viable option is to just copy chrome / firefox and try to fix it but their both so massive that's a kinda mad task to take on.

| >>939060 i'm fucking crying at all the shit i keep on having to remove using userChrome.css mozilla keeps adding. on another note, mozilla is actually managed terribly and so is the development of firefox.

| vivaldi was the only chromium-based browser i actually enjoyed using. sticking with base ungoogled chromium and librewolf for now.

| Used chrome because it was the fastest, switched to FF a few years before the new rendering engine for no-script

| people are gonna flew to firefox once chrome remive manifest v2 plugins, nor more add blocking

| remove*

| >>939162 I think ublock ppl are working/found a way to make it work so idk about that even if it works better on FF people seem very loyal to their browser of choice

| >being loyal to some random code a techbro wrote somewhere
lol. lmao

| >>939188 implying

| Fuck Google and fuck Manifest V3

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